… and finally

A few days turned into a few weeks, but finally I did get my new kitchen.

All shiny and new, already it has transformed into the heart of the home. I am enjoying cooking – rehearsing familiar recipes with a new oven and hob, working out how to get the best of the space and experimenting with new recipes.


I even managed to have my first major spillage. Just bottling a batch of my apple sauce I thought the lid was screwed tight, but sadly it wasn’t. A full jar all over the new work surface and up the walls. <Sigh> But on the bright side, I have truly christened the new space and can get on with enjoying it, making a mess in it and not feel guilty.

Weights and measures

I was going to write a rather boring table comparing metric and imperial, and English and American measurements as commonly used in recipes. I even set aside two pages in my commonplace for the table. One thing that irritates me is finding a recipe that sounds wonderful and should be straightforward, then having to spend time and brainpower converting it into grammes and millilitres.

But I reflected that in my kitchen I have three tools to take that pain away.

The Tala Cook’s measure. A charming simple piece of tin, but effortlessly converting American cups to pints and millilitres. With a plethora of graduated guides lines for various dried ingredients many recipes need no other dry measure.


A Pyrex measuring jug is surely a part of most kitchens.

My Eddingtons mini measure was a random find in a supermarket when I went looking for Morello cherries (they didn’t have any). Converting teaspoons to fluid ounces, to millilitres to tablespoons it is ideal for all those small fluid measures and less likely to spill or miscount than using a teaspoon.


Together they meet most measuring needs in the kitchen. And they save me from compiling a boring table of figures.