Apple Bircher for breakfast

The UK has seen an increase in the sale of Bircher as a takeaway breakfast sold in the coffee shops. The original and “authentic” Bircher recipe called for the oats to be soaked overnight, grated apple for sweetened condensed milk. during the working week evenings are too busy and too precious to be prepping breakfast so I developed this alternative version of Bircher by trial and error. I can prep it in two minutes in the morning and it still contributes one of my five a day. Unexpectedly my version is also lactose free. Near raw oats are very filling and find I don’t need a big bowl to keep me going all morning. One of the fun things with Bircher is you can vary the mix until you find your perfect blend of flavours and textures.

Apple Bircher breakfast

Ingredients (for a small bowl)

3 tablespoons of dry porridge oats
3 tablespoons of good apple juice (pressed juice, cloudy and sweet, not the brown stuff from concentrate)
1 dollop of crunchy apple sauce (a generously heaped spoonful – more or less to taste)
Chopped fresh fruit  to taste – I use a tablespoon of my mincemeat most days


1.Put the oats in your breakfast bowl, add the apple juice and apple sauce, stir.
2. Add the fruit or mincemeat, stir.
3. Serve. It barely takes a minute to prep and can be eaten straight away for a crunchy taste, or leave it in fridge for 40 minutes so the oats can soak up the apple juice if you prefer.


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