Unexpectedly good cake (again)

When I formulated the ideas behind this blog I had not expected to include reviews of restaurants or café-bistros. But I ended up at a venue today that produced a magnificent Victoria sponge – light fluffy sponge, yet firm enough to cut with a fork, fresh cream and a tasty jam layer. So I decided to give it a mention.

I was here, I went to look over some furniture options for my new kitchen/dining room/conservatory and the café is attached. It is bright and airy place, the menu is very “run of the mill café” but the cake was superb. If the rest of their food is to the same high standard then it is a handy little find.

For reference it is in Ossett – not far from J40 of the M1 at Wakefield and Dewsbury so certainly an option if you are looking for an alternative to the Service Station.

I am not planning on making reviews a big thing – but this Victoria sponge was a worthy exception.

I was back here ordering my new sofa this week and stopped to review my options over tea and cake – the chocolate cake was every bit as tasty as the Victoria sponge and so deliciously moist. Never mind the furniture – just go for the food!


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