Refreshing lemonade


A great pick me up for hot and sticky summer days, but also a zingy freshener for palates jaded by rich winter food.  There are lots of variations on lemonade, but this is mine for still lemonade.

Ingredients – the critical part of the formula is the ratio of sugar to lemon juice, which we never quite know until the lemons have been squeezed.

The juice from 10-12 lemons. (Typically I end up with 400-500 ml)
Golden caster sugar – 25g per 100ml of lemon juice. (Note: you can use white caster sugar or ordinary granulated, I prefer the slightly nutty taste of the golden caster sugar.)
400-500ml of boiling water
800-1000ml cold water.


  1. Juice the lemons, I prefer a hand held lemon reamer which gets more juice and flesh out. Sieved into a large bowl I can strain out the pips while pushing much of the flesh through for a “with bits” cloudy lemonade. For a smoother finish sieve the flesh out.
  2. Measure the amount of lemon juice you have.
  3. Separately combine the sugar and an equal amount of boiling water and stir to dissolve all the sugar to a thin golden-brown syrup. If you have 400 ml of lemon juice you will need 100g of sugar and 400ml of boiling water. 500ml = 125g sugar, 550ml juice = 137g sugar, etc.
  4. Add 500 ml cold water to the syrup and then combine the syrup and the lemon juice. Top up with extra cold water so the final ratio is 1 part lemon, 1 part syrup, 2 parts cold water.
  5. Decant into a bottle or jug. Chill for at least 12 hours, 24 hours is better.
  6. Taste before serving, if necessary you can add a little more syrup mix to sweeten it.


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